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(WITH PICS) The World Unites In Protests Against Israel

Pic: Reuters/Neil HallPic: Reuters/Neil Hall“IT is not a religious issue, but a humanitarian issue.” That is just one of the many banners that can be seen at rallies in and around the world where folks were protesting the Israeli strikes (again, as if you don’t know) in Gaza.


As usual, as far as the Palestine issue is concerned –  to external influences, are privy to one disaster or another, mishaps, disasters  or untoward incidences – opinions differ with regards to political, religion and cultural divide.

But this week, and this is not unusual as far as the Palestinian most long-serving man-made disaster is concerned – saw us, yet, grappling with the issue of what was reported as another air strike by the Israelis who seemed to be revelling in spending billions in reducing population in the earth in miniscule count, by massive heartbreaks across the discerning member of our globe.

According to news agency Rueters, as reported online in, “There is definitely truth in that statement as protests has not come exclusively from Muslims or Muslim countries only. Thousands were seen rallying outside the Israel Embassy in London last week.”

The demonstrators were seen carrying banners and placards that read “Gaza: End the Siege” and “Freedom for Palestine.” Even ultra-Orthodox Jews joined in the protest and could be seen holding Palestinian flags as a demonstration of support. Banners form these Jews read: “Judaism rejects the Zionist state and condemns its criminal siege and occupation.”

If the readers are thinking that this involve bilateral spitfiring...thing again. The rest of the world are not taking it sitting down.

In fact Over 3,000 activists also gathered at the Norwegian capital of Oslo. The readers can see for themselves as we are already familiar with these revealing photos that can be seen all around the world:


Protest in Rome /pic: AFP/Filippo MonteforteProtest in Rome /pic: AFP/Filippo Monteforte

Protest in London /Pic:Reuters/Neil HallProtest in London /Pic:Reuters/Neil Hall

An Orthodox Jew carrying the Palestinian flag in a protest in London /pic:Reuters/Neil HallAn Orthodox Jew carrying the Palestinian flag in a protest in London /pic:Reuters/Neil Hall

Protest in ArgentinaProtest in Argentina

Protest in ChicagoProtest in Chicago

Protest in ChicagoProtest in Chicago

Protest in DublinProtest in Dublin

Protest in GermanyProtest in Germany

Protest in Houston, TexasProtest in Houston, Texas

Protest in Los AngelasProtest in Los Angelas

Protest in ParisProtest in Paris

Protest in SwedenProtest in Sweden

Protest in TokyoProtest in Tokyo


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