LAST_UPDATEWed, 20 Jun 2018 7pm

PMO Office Would Have Prepared 2 Versions Of The Official Statement On Anwar's Appeal Outcome

Datuk Seri Anwar IbrahimDatuk Seri Anwar IbrahimKUALA LUMPUR: In response to PKR Secretary-General Rafizi Ramli's allegation this afternoon when exiting the courthouse after Anwar's guilty verdict and sentencing that "2 minutes after the judge finished reading his sentence, the PMO had released their press release. So they've had a copy of this verdict before the reading and this puts pressure on the judges", a PR Consultant contacted by Malaysian Digest had observed that "any PR Department of a big organization will always prepare two statements when awaiting results or decision".

The source further observed, "I presume the communication team of PMO may have prepared two statements for either outcome of the judgement.

"Given the attention and magnitude of the court case, I am sure any professional PR person would have taken those measures.

"In this profession, we can't afford to slip up or drag our feet. Time is of the essence. My personal experience, my team and I have prepared countless press releases/ statements with various versions to suit an announcement or outcome."

This was in response to Rafizi Ramli's allegation that the judgement was premeditated when he questioned how the official statement could have been made just minutes after the guilty judgement was annnounced.

- mD