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[WITH VID] When Smoking Can Really Kill You Instantly

PSKOVSKAYA, RUSSIA: A dashcam video mounted on a car recorded a harrowing escape by a woman fleeing a car moments before it burst into flames. The cause of the fire? The woman has decided to light up a cigarette with a leaking gas canister inside her car .

In the video posted on, the dashcam of the car behind first caught a sudden flash of flames before the driver ahead suddenly stopped in the middle of the road and made a swift exit as flames shoot out from the door and bonnet.

The woman appears to be panic-stricken, holds her head in disbelief and stumble away from the flaming car with her t-shirt seared by the flames as smoke can be seen wafting from her back as she moved away.

Moments later the entire car is ablaze and the driver recording the destruction decided be back away fearing a big explosion. The video posting states the location of the spontaneous combustion as taking place in Pskovskaya, Russia.

The video does not show the aftermath as to whether the driver needed medical treatment but judging from the fierce flames, the car appears to be a total write-off.

- mD