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Giant Amazon Fish Found In Sungai Johor

KOTA TINGGI – A huge arapaima gigas – the largest type of freshwater fish in the world, and native to the Amazon in South America – was found under the Sungai Johor bridge here on Monday.

The fish was discovered by the riverbank by a local resident, 48 year-old Roslan Sanif, around 6.30 pm.

“When I found it, the fish was already dying. I had to seek the help of four other friends just to bring it to land using a wire, after my attempts using tali raffia (plastic ropes) failed,” he said.

People were so amazed with the size of the fish that a crowd began to gather around it and they started taking pictures.

“Maybe during the huge floods of 2006 and 2007, the fish escaped from a private fishery breeding pond, or maybe its owner released it into the river because he couldn't take care of it,” Roslan theorized, as he said it was unusual for a fish like that to be found in these areas.


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