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18-Year-Old Creates App For Those Who Find Learning Mandarin A Chore

 A Malaysian child prodigy who could fluently sing and read English and Mandarin by the age of one-year-old has recently created a Speed Mandarin app to teach the complex language in the easiest way possible.

Together with his mother Grace Khoong, now 18-years-old Gloson Teh has created a Mandarin-learning technique that aims to teach the famously complicated language in an easy and fun manner utilizing short videos, zany costumes, and splashes of humor, as he instills the love of the Mandarin language in a memorable way.

The app has been designed in part due to Gloson’s dislike of having to go to extra classes and having ‘grumpy teachers’, hence the app has been designed for people to learn at their own pace whilst giving step-by-step educational classes.

The app’s lessons are divided into different segments, with the ‘Core Module’ teaching everyday vocabulary and dialogues that aims to improve a student's fluency.

There are also learning videos that teach both character learning (about 2 minutes per character) and practical examples of the characters used in daily life, e-books where a student read sentences that are to be used daily after watching the learning videos and quizzes to see how fast and far one has progressed.

Users are allowed to set their own pace, and this user-friendly app should appeal to an increasing number of non-native speakers who are beginning to realise that learning Mandarin has become an increasingly useful tool in today’s world.

The ‘boy genius’ had previously been invited by the Prime Minister to their residence for an interview by the press for his talents in poetry and blogging, and his music composition has been performed by the UiTM Orchestra.

He was also awarded the title of being the Youngest Published Poet in Malaysia at 11 years old by the Malaysian Book of Records.

For more information check out and where they also offer dissatisfied customers a 15-day money-back guarantee policy.

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