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Drunk Uber Driver Takes Female Passenger On 'Horrifying Ride'

Pic: Straits TimesPic: Straits Times

Usually its the other way around as customers who have too much to drink book an Uber ride to get them home safely but for one unfortunate passenger, her Uber driver was the one who was drunk.

23-year-old Nicole Lee had booked an Uber ride on the early hours of Sunday morning after a night out with friends at Clarke Quay.Pic: Straits TimesPic: Straits Times

However, when her Uber driver picked her up just after 4am, Nicole was taken aback by what she encountered.

As soon as she got in, the driver started bragging about how he had been out drinking too just before he picked her up, Singaporean daily Straits Times reports on Nicole's ordeal.

Nicole said that she asked the driver to stop so she could get out after realizing he was drunk but he refused and took her on a 'horrifying ride' which luckily she survived to tell her story.

She said that besides denying her request to let her out, he decided to get personal, offering to take her to a house party instead of going home and even asking her to go out to have supper with him.

Her fears that he had too much to drink were confirmed when the driver panicked upon approaching a road block.

"He panicked and told me - 'I cannot take the (breathalyser) test'. At the roadblock, he told the police that he was an Uber driver and was taking me home. They let him pass," she told Straits Times.

The driver's offers to take her out turned somewhat menacing when Nicole said he refused to let her out of the car unless she gave him her phone number.

"At that point, I was quite eager to go home, so I gave it to him," she said. Nicole later showed the text messages from the the driver who admitted that he had paid "200 [SG$200] for 2 towers or one bottle of Chivas", in reply to a text she sent about how much he had to drink that night.

Nicole said she decided to go public with her complaint when Uber did not respond to her as she wanted to ensure that the driver be disciplined for his unprofessional conduct or even blacklisted.

Nicole shared her series of irate messages to Twitter showing her mounting frustration at the lack of urgency.

Pic: TwitterPic: Twitter

She told Straits Times that the encounter had made her vary of Uber rides past midnight. However she will still take Uber as it is still cheap but not for late nights rides.

"But now I stay off Uber past midnight and will take a taxi, since it's properly licensed," she added.

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