LAST_UPDATEMon, 21 May 2018 8am

Foreign Worker Who Made Sexually Suggestive Remarks To Another Man's Wife Gets Beaten Up In Kota Bahru

A Pakistani man aged 41 was injured after allegedly beaten up by the villagers for sexually harassing a married woman in an incident at a grocery store in Mulong yesterday.

The incident that took place around nine in the morning when the victim, 32, who works as a marketing executive had entered a shop accompanied by her younger brother who was waiting in the car for as she made her purchases.

Kota Bharu Police Chief ACP Baharom Abu said, when the victim aproached the suspect to pay, the man who worked at the grocery store suddenly uttered pornographic suggestions to the victim and had repeated them up to four times.

According to the police, the shocked woman recounted how the suspect used his finger gestures to refer to genitalia, asking the woman to compare the suspect and the victim's husband.

"The victim was so scared and began to worry about her safety, rushing out to inform her brother before he came storming into the shop and warned the suspect to not disturb his sister.

"The suspect then denied it and then a struggle broke out between them. The suspect brought out a piece of plank and tried to hit the victim's brother," ACP Baharom told reporters.

Baharom further explained how after sending his sister back home, the younger brother then went back to the shop to confront the suspect again.

"The victim’s younger brother had once again warned the suspect to not disturb his sister as well as the rest of the villagers, however the suspect was not satisfied and had brought out a knife that was kept below the counter and had attempted to hurt him.

"Many who had seen the incident quickly helped the brother and went on beating the suspect until he went down. The suspect was later brought to the Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital to receive treatment on an outpatient basis,” he added.

Subsequently, the Pakistani man was arrested and the case is now being investigated under Section 324 of the Penal Code for causing injury and Section 509 of the Penal Code for attempting to discredit a person's dignity.