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Teacher Of Abandoned Girl Who Succeeded In Getting Good SPM Grades Is Determined To Get Her Into University

Pic: Harian MetroPic: Harian Metro

Dedicated and passionate teachers are the beacon of hope for future generations as they are the ones who would help mould and shape individuals to become the pride of the nation.

Among such teachers is Suraya Abdul Rahim, who took in one of her students, Farah Marcella, under her wing two months before SPM as she saw potential in her student and did not want to let that go to waste due to her student’s circumstances.

The 17-year-old and her siblings had been abandoned by their father and had resorted to finding shelter at a snooker centre.

Yesterday, news of Farah's success in the recent SPM examinations had gone viral, putting teacher Suraya in the spotlight as well which you can read here.

Since then, offers of help have poured in leading to Suraya's decision to set up an education fund for Farah, Bernama reports.

Suraya also started a fund three days ago to help finance Farah’s tertiary education and has reportedly raised RM17,400, Bernama reports.

As Farah’s story made headlines, Suraya updated to Facebook the latest good news on Farah’s family.

Yesterday, Suraya and Farah’s family met with Pasir Gudang District Education Office (PPD) officer Tuan Haji Jasni to discuss the schooling of Farah’s siblings and a great outcome was achieved.

“A decision has been made where Farah’s brother, Najimie, will be placed at SMK Nusa Damai, while her other two siblings who are in SK Sekolah Kota Seri Puteri will be continuing their education and will be given the support that they need,” she shared.

Determined to see Farah entering university, Suraya also mentioned that she was helping Farah with online applications.

“Tonight (yesterday) Farah and I will apply to all universities and sponsorships online,” she wrote.

The nation definitely needs more passionate teachers like Suraya so that the hopes and aspirations of future generations would not be diminished.