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Meet Farah Marcella, The Homeless Girl Who Obtained 6As In SPM, Who Is Not Only Smart But Talented As Well

Pic: Farah Marcella BandiePic: Farah Marcella Bandie

Yesterday, Malaysian Digest and representatives from NAZA World travelled south to Masai, Johor and met up with 18-year-old Farah Marcella Bandie and Cikgu Suraya Abdul Rahim of SMK Seri Kota Puteri for a casual get-together.

Farah had made headlines last week when the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) came out and the teenager's triumph against all odds to succeed went viral.

Thanks to her teacher Suraya Abdul Rahim from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Kota Puteri, Pasir Gudang who shared Farah's story with Malaysians, an effort is currently underway to establish an education fund for the talented girl.

Having being dealt a blow early in life when her father abandoned her and her six siblings resorting to her finding shelter in a snooker centre, Farah's success against all odds greatly inspired Malaysians and Malaysian Digest decided to follow-up on the girl's progress since she made headlines last week.

“Alhamdulillah, I’m beyond grateful for all the blessings that Farah received after her situation went viral,” her proud yet humble teacher shared with us.

Pic: NAZA WorldPic: NAZA World

But prior to that, Cikgu Suraya recounted how she tirelessly scolded Farah for her poor attendance throughout the five years of school, but what warmed her heart was the fact that Farah always accepted all her criticism with an open heart, never once did she retaliate, the teacher shared with Malaysian Digest.

“She never rebelled against me – not even once. Her response would always be, ‘yes teacher,’ ‘I’m sorry, teacher,’ ‘I understand, teacher,’ and it occurred to me that she’s not only a smart student, but a kind girl at that.

“A smart student who displays kind and polite mannerism; that is a rare individual, in my opinion,” she said, and added that the young girl is multitalented as she can sing, dance, and draw.

“She draws, she can sing, she dances (zapin). If I had known how talented she was, I would’ve asked her to train our students instead of outsourcing a trainer,” Cikgu Suraya relayed with a laugh.

Malaysian Digest had a chance to view some of Farah's drawings and whole-heartedly agree with her teacher's opinion.

Pic: One of Farah's drawingsPic: One of Farah's drawings

Pic: One of Farah's drawingsPic: One of Farah's drawings

With confident strokes that capture proportion and perspective as well as understanding how shadow and light shapes an object, one would think that Farah had at least basic training in the visual arts but this reporter's jaw dropped when she revealed to us that she has never received any training.

“I love drawing, as simple as that,” she added with glowing eyes and a huge smile on her face.

The humble girl relayed that she’s planning on pursuing Business Administration as her tertiary education and that is when she and Cikgu Suraya revealed to us the big news.

“Farah has an interview with Yayasan Peneraju this Saturday in regards to her education and insya Allah we’re hoping for the best,” Cikgu Suraya said.

Pic: Malaysian Digest (Cikgu Suraya and Farah Marcella)Pic: Malaysian Digest (Cikgu Suraya and Farah Marcella)

It goes without saying that the duo are enveloped in excitement over Farah’s bright future, but nevertheless Cikgu Suraya reminded Farah to always remain humble.

“Remember that there are people who have it worse than you and let this recent turn of events inspire you to want to help others. Because essential that is why Allah helped us – so that we can help others too,” she advised.

Pic: Malaysian DigestPic: Malaysian Digest

With that thought in mind, we at Malaysian Digest would like to wish Farah the best of luck for her upcoming interview and may you continue to inspire others to want to live a better life for themselves and their families.

- Malaysian Digest