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'Crazy Rich Asians', A Hollywood Movie About S'porean Families With Fabulous Fortunes Filmed In M'sia With Michelle Yeoh Using Her 'Local' Accent

The buzz around the movie started after it was revealed that for the first time ever, the Hollywood production by Warner Brothers will feature a star-studded cast of Asian celebrities and a script written by the only Malaysian-born TV writer in Hollywood.

'Crazy Rich Asians' started out as a bestselling novel by author Kevin Kwan, detailing the over-the-top antics of old money families in Singapore with fabulous inherited wealth.

Although it is a Hollywood production about a Singaporean family, the 'Malaysian' flavour couldn't be stronger after it was announced earlier this year that Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh has been enlisted to play the central role of the overbearing matriach, Eleanor.

The story unfolds with an American born professor of Chinese ethnicity, Rachel, following her boyfriend, Nick, back to Singapore, only to discover he is an heir of a fabulously wealthy old-money family, presided over by his mother, Eleanor.

In the book, the formidable Eleanor actually takes it upon herself to travel to Shenzhen to track down Rachel’s past, and generally intimidate the hell out of her in classic Monster-in-Law fashion as she expresses her disapproval of Rachel, entertainment portal Vulture.com reports

Although playing a Singaporean, Michelle Yeoh will reportedly get to speak her lines in a mixture of Cantonese and English with a 'local' accent.

We can finally enjoy the full measure of Yeoh’s Malaysian accent in a Hollywood movie, The Star reports in a recent interview with the movie's coincidentally Malaysian-born scriptwriter, Adele Lim.

42-year-old Adele who started her early writing career in The Star has successfully carved a career as a professional scriptwriter in the cut throat Hollywood movie industry and 'Crazy Rich Asians' will be her first feature movie foray as a scriptwriter.

“It’s a joyful, fun story and the culture, specifically of the Chinese in South-East Asia, appealed to me,” says Adele.

In The Star interview, Adele describes her take on the novel as “a very vibrant and affectionate, laugh-at-ourselves portrait” of overseas Chinese in this corner of the world and could relate to the book because “all the struggles I’ve experienced are in this book in a fun way”.

The 'local' flavour of the moive also gave her a chance to weave into the script elements of typically Malaysian/ Singaporean society and culture with its mix of Malay, Hokkien and Cantonese terms and references, The Star reports.

The cast also includes Singapore-based Henry Golding as the hapless heir Nick Young and Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu who plays New Yorker Rachel Chu, British-Chinese actress Gemma Chan (Humans, 2015-present) as chic socialite Astrid, rapper-actress Awkwafina (Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, 2016) and comedian Ronny Chieng (The Daily Show).

Pic: Hollywood ReporterPic: Hollywood Reporter

Last week, it was also reported that Korean-American actor and comedian Ken Jeong will join the cast of Crazy Rich Asians, Straits Times reports.

Pic: Hollywood ReporterPic: Hollywood Reporter

Filipino celebrity Kris Aquino is reportedly in the movie playing a cameo role as a princess from one of the Asian royal families but she had declined to comment publicly, citing non-disclosure requirements.

According to media reports, filming had already started on April 25, with an estate in Malaysia being used as a substitute for the fictional family's 'palatial' residence in Singapore.

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