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FT Mufti Shares Touching Story Of A Former Mafia Boss Who Seeks Redemption In Islam

Once a mafia feared by all, now celebrated by many; Abdul Salam aka Vince Focarelli had received enlightenment and is currently threading on a blessed path.

The retired 42-year-old Australian mafia was welcomed by Federal Territories Mufti Datuk Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri yesterday as he too was very eager and inspired by Abdul Salam’s tale of enlightenment.

“Ahlan wa sahlan to Abdul Salam (Vince Focarelli), former gangster in Australia who visited us at the Federal Territories Mufti’s Office.

“Hearing how he received guidance to embrace Islam is enough to remind us of the greatness of Allah.

“It is true that guidance belongs to Allah alone,” the mufti wrote in his Facebook.

The former leader of one of Australia’s most notorious motorcycle gangs, Comancheros, Abdul Salam or Focarelli of course has a violent chequered past where he was once reported for injuring his customer up to a point where he broke his cheekbone for not paying up the RM962 that he owed.

He was also released from prison and was placed on parole in April 2013 after serving a sentence for firearms offenses and drugs.

Notably, every mafia has a line of enemies and as for Abdul Salam, a lot of his enemies held grudges and wanted revenge. Many had attempted to even kill him and fortunately, God had better plans for Abdul Salam and to date, he has survived six murder attempts upon him!

And among the murder attempts, the one that hit Abdul Salam hard was when instead of his life, his son Giovanni was killed back in January 2012., Adelaide Now reports.

“I have completely distanced myself in all aspects of that life. I played my part and I received as much in return. I’m a human being and regardless of whatever I’ve done in the past, everyone makes mistakes,” he said humbly and credited his family and his new-found religion as the keys to his reform from a life of crime after realising it is time for him to change his ways.

Reported to have embraced Islam sometime last year, the retired mafia had also opened a halal restaurant called La’Fig Cucina in Adelaide that fed the homeless once a week and donates to the local Muslim community. However, he was forced to close it down earlier this month in preparation for his forced departure from Australia.

Voluntarily leaving Australia for his native Italy in March this year just before the Australian government could cancel his visa and deport him to a detention centre, Abdul Salam is ready to start afresh.