LAST_UPDATEWed, 20 Jun 2018 9am

Private College Student Chokes To Death On Bread In Port Dickson

A night full of laughter ended fatally for a bunch of private college students as one of them had choked to death during a bread-eating competition at a birthday party.

A supposedly fun get-together at a hotel in Port Dickson was put on hold when the victim, Borokinni Sunday Pelumi, 32, from Lagos, Nigeria fell unconscious about 10 meters from where he and his friends participated in the competition.
Around 1.30am, sources say, a few hours before the incident, the victim along with his dozens of friends had enjoyed a hearty meal brought from outside the hotel.

The source said again, among the food brought is a number of round-shaped breads that looked fluffy, including various types of food to be grilled.

"The incident started when the victim did not want to admit to losing the bread-eating competition before he fell and lost consciousness.

"All of his friends disappeared from the hotel after the victim was rushed to the Port Dickson Hospital here," said the source.

Only three of the foreigners including the victim had checked in at the hotel, whereas the other friends had arrived a few hours after the event had started a little after midnight.

It is learned that the victim and two friends who signed up at the beachfront hotel were students of a private college in Selangor.

Meanwhile, Port Dickson District Police Chief, Superintendent Zainudin Ahmad said Borokinni and his colleagues arrived at the hotel at 6.30pm on Saturday.

“After the competition, Borokinni, a student in a private college in Selangor, ran to the rear of the hotel, vomited and lost consciousness.

“His friends rushed him to hospital. Doctors pronounced him dead due to asphyxia, secondary to choking,” he said in a statement.