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Organ Donations Makes It Possible For Couple To Hear Their Daughter's Heartbeats Again, 2 Years After She Passed Away

Two years after losing his only daughter, Mark Kok Wah never thought that he can ever hear his daughter's heartbeat again.

Mark Kok Wah and his wife, Ariess Tan, suffered the biggest loss in their lives after their 18-year-old daughter, Carmen suddenly was rendered brain dead after suffering from a ruptured artery in her brain.

After 25 days of hospitalisation, Carmen was declared brain dead. Then, Mark was given the option to donate her organs to those who needs it.

He decided to do so, although his family members did not agree with his decision, as they still believed that a miracle might happen.

"At that time, a close doctor friend had told me that 'Allah lebih sayangkan Carmen' (God loves Carmen more). I knew then that there was nothing else we could do for my little girl.

"It was then that I decided to donate her organs. I have not regretted the decision I made on that fateful day back in July 2015.

"Today, Carmen lives on in eight different people," he told the New Straits Times.

Mark also admitted to New Straits Times that both him and his wife was badly affected by his daugher's death.

"Every night, I would go up to the attic to cry there while my wife would do so down here," said Mark while wiping away tears.

Ever since Carmen's death, Mark had quietly harboured hopes of hearing his daughter's heart beat again.

In June, he posted on Facebook that he would even cycle 14,000 miles just to hear his daughter's heartbeat.

Little did he know, the woman that received his daughter's heart, Serene Lee, was one of his followers on Facebook.

Lee, 37, had been doing so since August 2015, merely days after Carmen died.

Lee then sent Mark a message on Facebook, with her intention of meeting him and her contact details.

"I called her up that very night but her phone was off. The following day, when I managed to reach her, we were both crying over the phone.

"I told her it would be better for us to calm down before we talked further," he said.

Lee will be visiting Penang and staying with Mark and Tan this Friday until Sunday.

Understandably, the couple are anxiously awaiting to hear their daughter's heart beat again.

On Saturday, the couple will also bring Lee to the Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah bridge, where carmen's ashes were scattered.

Mark also added that Lee will also be joining him in his fight to encourage more people to donate their organs.

"Just like how our Carmen had saved lives, we hope that we will be able to inspire others to also do the same."

As part of his effort, Mark is looking into setting up the Carmen Mark Foundation, which aspires to assist financially those who shared Carmen's fate.

He is also looking into filming a documentary about his family's story.

The gift of life is certainly precious, and there's nothing wrong to helping others using your organs. So if you are eligible, perhaps it's time for you think of registering as a organ donor.

After all, you never know whose life your organs might save.