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Burnt Tahfiz Block A Temporary Building - Head

KUALA LUMPUR -- The students of Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah Religious Residential School were supposed to move to the original block which had been renovated at the end of this month, said its head Mohd Zahid Mahmod.

He said the block where the fire broke out was a temporary building while the renovation which took about a year to be completed, was being carried out.

“I have been managing this tahfiz centre for 15 years and it is registered with the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP). The affected premises housed 42 students, six teachers and two students from throughout the coutnry and all the facilities are free of charge through sponsorship and contributions from the public as well as MAIWP," he told reporters at the scene.

He added that this was the first fire at the premises while students are usually permitted to take their rest after the Isyak prayers and attending a religious discourse.

"Most of the victims who died were much younger than those who managed to save themselves.

“The location of the incident is where the students lived and they were not allowed to cook in the rooms,” he said adding that cooking was only allowed on the ground floor and the school authorities maintained the premises.

A total of 21 students and two teachers who also served as wardens were killed in the incident while seven others were injured.