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Cleaners Return Money Found In Trash, Netizens Applauds Their Honesty

Netizens recently praised the integrity shown by nine employees from a cleaning company in Baling, Kedah for returning RM2,379.80 worth of cash to its rightful owner after the incident made its round on social media.

According to a netizen, it is impossible to find noble-minded people such as these exemplary individuals as many others have turned a blind eye and took the money for their own.

“They chose a job that most of us deemed as dirty, but they have a pure heart – perhaps more pure than the hearts of those who work in a ‘cleaner environment,’ who accept bribery, commissions and increasing prices,” wrote Mohd Shafiza on Facebook.

“Although they are poor, but they are rich in faith and humanity. Although the senior leaders are rich, but they are greedy,” said Kedah Liridon.

In fact, a handful of netizens also suggested that the company should give out awards and token of appreciation to the employees for their honourable conduct.

“E-Idaman should reward them. It's hard to find honest workers like them,” said Nabawi Ishak.

As quoted from Harian Metro, the head of the E-Idaman Baling Unit, Shazwan Shahbudin, said that he received a call from the child of the senior citizen, Aminah Yahya, following the incident.

The daughter, who now lives in Kuala Lumpur, informed Syazwan that her mother has a habit of accumulating unwanted items around the house and once he received the call, he ordered his employees to clean the area around the house.

He added that as soon as the trash were collected and thrown into the truck, the senior citizen complained that her money was kept in a plastic bag – amongst the trash that was thrown out.

“Nine employees then tried to find amongst the garbage pile, but did not find it before they brought the piles of trash back to the garbage disposal center in Pulai.

“After sorting it one by one, they found a plastic bag with a sum of RM2,379.80,” he said.

He said that the money was believed to have been kept by the senior for a long time because it was musty and moldy and he assured that the money has been returned to the woman.

Meanwhile, the two employees of the company, Mohd. Holfi Mustafa Kamal, 30, and his colleague Azizan Zakaria, 42, who found the money, said that they did the act based on trust and thought of the feelings of the senior citizen.

“We found a sum of RM2379.80 in a black plastic bag whilst sorting out garbage at the landfill.

“My friends and I were surprised by the large sum and the money was quite smelly and wet,” said Mohd. Holfi, as reported by Utusan Online.

In light of this act of heroism, may the honesty exuded by the employees of E-Idaman employees serves as an example to every one of us.

- Malaysian Digest