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Eating Late At Night The Cause Of These Youths To Be Overweight

Two youths who are struggling with obesity admit that their late night meals as well as not doing any physical activity make it difficult for them to achieve an ideal body weight.

According to Mohd Mustaqim Abd Talib, 30, his weight that reached 197 kilograms (kg) in March last year drastically increased to 230 kg at the present time.

“This is caused my wrong eating habit which is to eat at night because I have problems to fall asleep,” he said when contacted by Kosmo!.

He said that he cannot control his cravings.

“Because of being overweight, I could not do any heavy physical activities for a long period of time because my heels will hurt,” the unemployed man said.

Mohd Mustaqim added that he is scared to go for a medical checkup at the hospital because he is worried that he will be told that he is suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Another youth that is suffering from obesity, Zamrie Md. Akhir, 36, from Kampung Bukit Tembaga, Kuala Nerang said that it is difficult to shed his 162 kg weight because most of his time is spent sitting down and lying down on the bed because of elephantiasis disease he has suffered since 2004.

“I also eat late at night around 10pm or later and after that I just sit down to rest before sleeping,” the man who is also unemployed said.

He added that doctors have advised him to lose weight to avoid him from getting diabetes.

Environment, Chinese Community Affairs, Health and Unity Committee chairman Datuk Leong Yong Kong said through the 2015 National Health and Morbidity Survey, Kedah is the state with the most diabetic people in Malaysia.