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Netizens Praise This Teacher For Carrying Her Students On Her Back, After Their Classrooms Flooded In Kedah

Social media users are praising the selfless act of a teacher who carried her young students on her back yesterday morning in Alor Setar, Kedah.

Farrah Norashikin Juhari, 35, who teaches physical education in Sekolah Kebangsaan Haji Abu Bakar in the state capital, told Harian Metro she was worried for her students going into the water as she heard of the presence of a snake by other teachers.

At 7.45am, the school experienced a flash flood from the heavy rains, causing water levels to rise in Standard One and Standard Two classrooms and forcing the students to relocate to higher ground.

“However, a few students said they left their lunch boxes and money inside their classes, and I was worried if any snake might bite them if they walked in the floodwater.

“I volunteered to carry five students on my back from the shelter hall to their classrooms which were several meters apart,” said Norashikin.

Most of her students were in Standard One, and she said it was normal for them to be excited to see large bodies of water around them. The teachers had to control the students from playing in the water.

“A few Standard Two students said they felt embarrassed if I carry them, but I explained the urgency of the situation and I don’t want anything unfortunate to happen to them.

“This morning was chaotic, but this was not the first flood we have had. Every time a heavy rain falls, a flood will soon follow,” said the caring teacher.

Norashikin, who was recently transferred to the school in January, said she took responsibility in the situation very seriously as it is the duty of a teacher to keep her students safe.

“I never would have thought the photos of me would go viral, as I was only fulfilling my duty as a teacher,” the mother of one said to Harian Metro.

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