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Too Lazy To Bring Her Son To The Toilet, Mother Lets Him Pee In A Restaurant Soup Bowl

Normally, a mother would always accompany her young child to the bathroom if the child needs a toilet break but this mother however, was not very keen on doing that simple task for her son.

Instead she instructed him to do his business in a bowl meant for diners to eat the meals.

Disgusting and revolting, but this was exactly what happened in a restaurant in the city of Fangzhuang, China recently.

According to Hong Kong news portal Apple Daily, the incident occurred when another customer heard the tinkling sound of someone peeing into a bowl. The mother on the other hand was extremely oblivious to the son taking a toilet break right in front of other diners.

When confronted, her excuse was simply about how the restaurant would have washed and cleaned the bowl anyway so there should not be any harm to it.

How inconsiderate of her!

Caught on camera, the image went viral all over social media which caused a journalist to visit the restaurant to confirm the incident.

One of the workers subsequently confirmed it and said it was also the first time ever in his whole decade of working he had seen someone behaving horribly like so.

He further added that he could not imagine how she would stoop that low as there were toilets on every floor. The bowl used for the unfortunate 'toiilet break' were eventually thrown away by the restaurant management.

We hope this serves as a lesson and reminder to have some common courtesy and decency when conducting oneself in public. Be more considerate towards others.