LAST_UPDATEWed, 20 Jun 2018 12pm

Poor Single Mother Of Five’s Cry For Help

A single mother of five not only has to suffer from poverty but her poor vision also limits her movements, making it hard to go out and work to provide for her family.

Rosmah Abdullah, 58, had previously worked as a security guard, but after her husband, Azmi Baba, 51, passed away in an accident six years ago, she had to focus on caring for her youngest child, Nurfairuzzulianna, 19, who is a disabled.

Nurfairuzzulianna had a problem with learning so she dropped out of school due to social problems with her teachers and schoolmates.

“I had a problem with my left eye as my vision became blurry and I often see glares for the past month which makes it difficult to find an appropriate job. At the same time, due to the age factor, I am only able to look after Nurfairuzzulianna at home.

"I’m solely relying on the RM200 monthly assistance from the Social Welfare Department (JKM) on behalf of Nurfairuzzulianna as well as the RM400 from my husband's pension for survival," she told Harian Metro.

To treat her cataract and repair her vision, she now needs RM3,500 for surgery in her left eye as suggested by an eye specialist.

In addition, she shared that her utility bills are three months overdue and her monthly rental of RM100 is four months overdue as a result of her severe financial problems.

For those who would want to ease the burden of this family, you may channel your contributions to this Maybank account (107117216449), or call Rosmah at 012-5569115.