LAST_UPDATEWed, 20 Jun 2018 8pm

[Video] Topless Woman Hanging Out Of Car Window Dies After Her Head Smashed Into A Lamp Post

Remember how our parents used to chide us all the time about hanging out of a window of a moving car?

Well, they had valid reasons for doing so, as evidenced from this incident in Dominican Republic where a Russian woman was killed after hitting her head on a lamp post while she was hanging her out of a car window. And it probably didn't help that she was topless during the accident as well.

According to Daily Mail, the Russian woman, Natalia Borodina, hailed from Moscow and was on a vacation in the Dominican Republic with her eight-year-old son.

The incident was recorded by her friend, who was also driving the car.

In the video, Natalia was seen hanging out of the window on the passenger side, wearing just a bikini bottom.

Moments before the accident happened, Natalia can be seen licking her fingers seductively, before hitting her head on the lamp post.

After the accident, Natalia was rushed to the hospital but died there of 'serious injuries'.

Let the story of Natalia be a lesson for us all to exercise some caution while having fun.