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When People Actually Think 'Malaysia Will Be A Cashless Society' Means It's Going Bankrupt

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"It will have to be cashless and contactless," Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin commented about how payment transactions will move towards in future at a recent TN50 dialogue session.

Little did he know that his comment about Malaysia heading towards becoming a cashless society will be taken out of context so imaginatively by netizens or even publicity-seeking keyboard warriors.

Political analyst Lim Sian See addressed the issue in a recent posting on Facebook in the simplest terms possible.

"Some Malaysians must be really clueless if they think that Khairy saying Malaysia will be a cashless society means that Malaysia will be bankrupt.

"The universally accepted meaning of "cashless" is that we use electronic payments systems like credit cards or smartphones or Touch N' Go cards to make payments instead of physical cash notes and coins," LSS explained Khairy's statement made during a TN50 dialogue session with Touch 'n Go Sdn Bhd (TNG) at TNG's Bangsar South headquarters on Tuesday.

LSS went on to highlight the benefits of going cashless which is the way to go and in some ways inevitable as the world moves towards embracing technology into daily life.

However, what the blogger took exception with are those who deliberately twisted the meaning into a negative spin about the country running out of cash, literally.

"Going by the logic of some of these Malaysians (many of whom are Pakatan supporters who just wants to use ANY reason - no matter how silly - to bash the govt, then these countries who are leading the race to become a cashless society are already well into bankruptcy status.

"Since Singapore is already 61% cashless, this must mean that Singapore is already 61% bankrupt. Correct?" LSS concluded with a joke.

Meanwhile a local artiste added further controversy onto Khairy 'going cashless' comment when she tweeted a comment about how going cashless means going back to the Dark Ages when people used barter for trade

Actress Nur Fathia Latiff tweeted: "Are we going back to stone age and doing barter trade? You give me a television and I give you a bicycle?" in response to news coverage about Khairy's comment about Malaysia is heading towards becoming a cashless society by 2050.

According to NST, Fathia subsequently tweeted that the article's headline was not clear, and cashless had a wide meaning.

Well, perhaps it all comes down to the issue of Malaysians English Language proficiency after all.

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