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Guess Which Country’s Passport Was Extended For Free Because They Ran Out Of Ink And Paper?

Due to the exhaustion of paper and ink supplies to print new documents, citizens of Venezuela are allowed to use their passports which have expired for up to two years.

President Nicolas Maduro signed an emergency order to extend the validity period after the country's passport agency ran out of supplies to issue new documents.

At least one million Venezuelans have been waiting for the past few months to get new documents while temporarily not being able to travel abroad.

Panampost reveals, “The shortage of material, payment to mafias or, failing that, waiting for a webpage that is in constantly undergoing “maintenance” are all parts of the passport process in Venezuela.”

Juan Carlos Dugarte, the Director of Administrative Service of Identification, Migration and Aliens (SAIME) admitted of the shortage of material and asked that Venezuelans not request for passports to be renewed unless they have flight tickets already in hand.

“If you do not need to travel in the near-future, wait for your arrival, your travel date.

“We are working to regularize the issuance of passports. While it is true that there has been a shortage of material, we have passports sufficient to meet the demand of people who merit travel.

“A passport is not an identification document inside of Venezuela. … it is exclusively a document to travel,” he said.

Daily Mail reports the demand for travel documents has increased as people in the country are trying to escape from the political crisis and recession they have been experiencing.

Previously, there was a delay in replacing passports as the Maduro government tried to prevent its people from leaving the country.