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Have You 'Tunafoto' Anyone Lately?

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka is trying their best to keep up with slangs that are being thrown about by youths these days.

The National Language Association took to Twitter recently  to clarify some commonly used English slangs so that it can be adapted into the Bahasa lexicon.

While it is quite questionable that the youths would be incorporating the Bahasa version of the slang into their conversation, it is interesting to find out what the terms are in Bahasa.

Also, language purists no longer have to italicise slangs when they have the need to use them in writing.

The terms that have been defined by the language body are:

1. Kata pikat (pick-up line)

2. Swafoto maut (killfie), or a selfie that is taken at a dangerous location and could possibly result in the death of the photographer due to a misstep.

3. Meridap (nap)

4. Tunafoto (photobomb)

Of all the defined terms, tunafoto seems to be the most bizarre translation of all because how does fish fit into this?

Apparently, tuna has other meanings in Bahasa as the fourth edition of the Kamus Dewandictionary notes that it can also mean injured, flawed or broken.

So there you have it, the latest additions to the Bahasa lexicon.

Hope you all have a good meridap this weekend after the long work week!