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Gruesome Photo Of Kitten Cut Into Half In Sekinchan Goes Viral, Owner Forgives The Murderers

The owner of a cat whose brutal slaying went viral on social media has kindly forgiven the cruel tragedy that befell his pet being cut into half and left in front of his home.

The owner, Mohammad Rosmawar, 30, said this was to avoid any prolonged controversy over the issue and making unnecessary enemies after only living in Parit 5 nearby Sekinchan for almost a year.

He further explained how he did not make a police report even though there are those who urged him to report the matter to authorities to find justice for his cat's brutal slaying.

“I do not want this issue to be prolonged and so I forgive the perpetrators. I hope this serves as a lesson to them that all cats have lives and they matter just as much," he said when contacted by Kosmo!.

This horrifying incident with showing the gruesome evidence of the cat's body cut in half had gone viral in Facebook and triggering netizens' outrage.

While some might see another dead cat as insignificant, the deliberate act of killing an animal makes you as much as a criminal who kills another human being.