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Afghan President Says Terrorist Supporters Being Isolated

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

KABUL -- Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said on Friday that terrorist supporting countries would be isolated, as terrorists groups and their supporters were under heavy pressure from the international community, China's Xinhua news agency reported the Afghan Presidential Palace as saying.

"Terrorist groups and countries seeking their interests in supporting terrorists would be isolated," President Ghani was quoted as saying at the Afghan Mayors Forum held in Kabul.

According to the Afghan president, terrorists groups have been defeated on the battlefields and the terror networks would be isolated and eliminated.

Pointing to the recent deadly attacks in his war-plagued country, president Ghani said that "no one would be able to harm Afghan national unity."

"We the Afghans want lasting and dignified peace and we want Asia and the world live in peace and tranquility."

Ghani made the remarks after a series of bloody terror attacks killed more than 100 people in the insurgency-battered Afghanistan south and eastern provinces over the past week.