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Girl Becomes The Talk Of Social Media After Starting A Tudung Business While Still Schooling

Do you still remember what you did during your schooling days?

While most of us whiled away our time with activities like hanging out, surfing the internet, listening to music and generally having fun, not Iman Safiyyah.

Instead of wasting her time on normal teenage activities, Iman Safiyyah went out to prove her business acumen, by starting a business of her own - while still in school!

Iman Safiyah, who is quite well known in her own right with 285,000 followers on Instagram, started her own business a few months ago.

She started a business selling her own brand of 'Tudung Sekolah', a product that she knows very well as she herself is still schooling.

And from the look of her business' Instagram page, business has been booming! Plenty of other schoolgirls have sent their testimonies of how comfortable and easy it is to maintain the tudung.


Iman Safiyah is now the talk of netizens, with most of them praising her savvy business sense and her courage of starting up a business while still in school.

And according to netizens, this is not Iman's first foray in the business world!

Before this she used to sell slime toys, and even opened up a booth at The Curve, said one Twitter user.

So, let's take inspiration from Iman's extraordinary business sense and courage, and hope for more young entrepreneurs in Malaysia!