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Online Seller Travels 860km To Beat Up Customer Who Complained About Late Delivery

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If you're not familiar with the website Taobao, it's actually a website which is very popular in China for purchasing stuff online, much like or Lazada is in our own shores.

But the big difference is, just like anything in China, the vendors in Taobao is very competitive with each other, to the point of violence, even towards their customers.

For example, last month a woman was assaulted by a raging Taobao vendor just because she complained about the late delivery.

On 23 December, the woman filed a complaint against the vendor, claiming late shipping for the clothes she ordered on Taobao, reported Shanghaiist.

Although it's only a harmless complaint to help the vendor improve her services, the vendor, surnamed Zhang, took offense to the complaint. He resorted to sending a series of threatening messages and phone calls to Xiao Li. He even stooped to send her death threats.

Xiao Li ignored the messages and the phone calls. But on 27 December, she received a message saying that her order had arrived, So she made her way to a pick-up station.

But instead of her package, what awaited her there was the enraged vendor.

The vendor then proceeded to assault her mercilessly, slapping her in the face multiple times, and kicking her in the knee. When Xiao Li is on the ground after being beaten up, the vendor then ran away.

Footage of the assault was captured by a CCTV. Watch the footage here.

Luckily, Xiao Li only sustained minor injuries and a concussion from the assault. As if his actions weren't vile enough, the vendor then texted Xiao Li one last time, saying that he travelled 860 kilometres all night, just to assault her.

The case is currently being investigated by the police.