LAST_UPDATEThu, 24 May 2018 11pm

[Video] Security Staff Shocked To See A Woman In High Heels On The X-ray Screen

A traveller's worst fear is having their belongings stolen, hence it would be wise to remain extra vigilant.

But what one woman in China did just to keep her belongings safe, was a little too extreme.

In fear of getting her handbag stolen, an unnamed woman insisted to climb on the conveyor belt and into the X-ray machine together with her belongings at a train station.

The security staff who were monitoring the X-ray machine were shocked after seeing the woman's silhouette on the monitor.

Images from the X-ray screen quickly went viral on Chinese social media, showing the lady kneeling on the X-ray conveyor belt while still wearing her high heels.

According to Pear Video, the bizarre incident occurred a mere three days ago on February 11.

Footage also shows the woman nonchalantly climbing out of the machine, inciting a chuckle from the staff who was clearly surprised to see her come out from there.

As if nothing happened, she then checked her handbag and her luggage bag, and left the X-ray area.

Let's hope that this lady's crazy security scheme does not catch on.