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Girl’s Wish To Celebrate Her Convocation With Her Favourite K-Pop Idol Comes True

For many K-Pop fans all over the world, their ultimate fantasy would undoubtedly be celebrating their happiest moments with their favourite personalities.

Well, that dream came true for one student in Malaysia… sort of.

When Winnie Choo jokingly told her friends a few days before her convocation that she wished for her K-Pop idol Kim Jaejoong to attend her convocation, her friends took that wish seriously.

Being Choo’s best friends, they decided to bring a cardboard cut-out of Jaejoong to her convocation to surprise her.

In a viral video that has reached more than 300,000 views on Twitter, Choo, who was in a jubilant mood during her convocation, was definitely surprised after her friends brought her the cardboard cutout of her favourite singer.

Choo was seen laughing happily after she saw the cutout, and no doubt feeling extremely appreciative of her friends who would go so far to impress her.

She later took pictures with the ‘singer’, hugging and posing with the 180cm-tall cardboard Jaejoong.

Many netizens congratulated Choo for celebrating her graduation with her favourite K-Pop artist, but most importantly for having a group of amazing friends that would go the extra mile to fulfill her wish of seeing her idol.

There is a saying that true love and loyal friends are the hardest things to find – and from this story, Choo can consider herself lucky to have found both in her wonderful friends.

-- mD