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What Are Today's Headlines?

The English dailies today spotlighted on the arrest of three datuks involved in a forex scam while two others are still at large, the order by authorities to remove all cladding made out of flammable material and the unexpected growth of the nation’s economy.

RM1 Bil Sting – An estimated amount of RM1 billion is believed to have been fleeced off of more than 70,000 investors in a forex investment scam called FX United. theSun reports that three ‘datuks’ believed to be involved in the scam have been arrested but the mastermind, who is also a datuk, and his wife is still at large.

5 Datuks In RM1bil Scam – Malay Mail also reports on the forex scam while highlighting that the investors have yet to lodge any police reports.

Unclad For Safety – In light of the EPF fire, building owners throughout Malaysia have been urged by the authorities to remove any cladding made out of flammable material to avoid a deadly blaze like the one that razed the Grenfell Tower in London last year, The Star reports.

Economic Growth Beyond Expectations – Malaysia’s economy in 2017 was its highest in the past three years as it grew by 5.9 per cent as New Straits Times reports Bank Negara saying that it is helped by domestic demand, private sector spending and improved global trade.

The Malay dailies also reports on the nation’s good economic performance and the order to remove polyfoam claddings from buildings as well as the demand to know how Israeli diplomatic delegation allegedly entered the country and on the masterminds behind the forex scam who are on the run.

Prestasi Luar Jangkaan (Performance Beyond Expectations) – Berita Harian reports on Malaysia’s economic growth in 2017 which went beyond the expectations of most analysts.

KDNK 2017 5.9% (2017 GDP 5.9%) – Following the good economic performance last year, Bank Negara is expecting positive growth in 2018 as well and Utusan Malaysia noted Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak saying that it is proof that Malaysia is not bankrupt.

Kerajaan Arah Tanggal Polyfoam Pada Bangunan (Government Orders Polyfoam Removed From Buildings) – The government has ordered commercial building owners and house owners throughout the nation to remove polyfoam cladding from their buildings immediately as it could cause raging fires like the one that engulfed the EPF building, Kosmo!reports.

Siapa Izin Israel Masuk? (Who Allowed Entry To Israel?) – Sinar Harian spotlights on the government being asked to explain how a diplomatic delegation from Israel had allegedly entered the country for the World Urban Forum.

Jutawan Penipu Cabut (Millionaire Scammer On The Run) – A ‘datuk’ and his wife, who have been identified as the mastermind behind a forex scam, managed to escape to a neighbouring country by plane following a series a raids by the police after they scammed RM1 billion from around 70,000 investors, Harian Metro reports.