LAST_UPDATEThu, 21 Jun 2018 10pm

Syrian Forces Enter Kurdish Controlled Neighbourhoods In Aleppo

DAMASCUS -- Syrian government forces has entered Kurdish controlled neighbourhoods in the northern part of Aleppo city, northern Syria on Thursday, said a UK-based watchdog group as reported by China’s Xinhua news agency.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said government forces set up checkpoints and hoisted the Syrian flag in Sheikh Maksud, Bustan al-Basha, Enzarat, Halak, Sakan al-Shababi, Haydarieh, Shqaif and Bani Zaid.

The new development comes after the Syrian government sent pro-government Syrian fighters to aid the Kurdish fighters in defending the Kurdish-controlled enclave of Afrin in northern Aleppo against the Turkey-led military campaign.

No more details were made public but the entry of Syrian forces to the Kurdish-controlled neighbourhoods in Aleppo seems to be part of a deal between the Kurdish forces and the Syrian army.

The Syrian army defeated the rebels in Aleppo city in Dec 2016. The Kurdish fighters also liberated some neighbourhoods in the city and assumed control over them.