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Here Are The Headlines For Today

Pic: Malaysian DigestPic: Malaysian Digest

The English dailies today report on the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry finalised the structure for a proposed Gender Equality Act, police are expected to be deployed across the country immediately after parliament dissolves, billions of ringgit likely lost thanks to the ongoing water cuts, and the deputy prime minister stating that there is no need for the Bukit Aman CDI director to be suspended.

Acting On Gender EqualityThe Star frontpaged that gender discrimination is still commonplace today, but with greater awareness of individual rights and the prevalence of social media, the clamour of justice is loud and immediate. To ensure that victims have proper redress, the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry has completed the structure for a proposed Gender Equality Act, with Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim pointing out that the act will apply to both women and men.

Vote In Peace – Meanwhile, Malay Mail underlined that Malaysians should enjoy themselves during GE14 as elections are exciting times. The police will take care of safety with 60,000 specially trained officers deployed across the country to keep the peace and ensure public order immediately after Parliament is dissolved.

Billions Of Ringgit In Losses – As reported by New Straits Times, the economic issues from the water supply disruption in the Klang Valley may run into the billions. Additionally, many major industries such as manufacturing, tourism, F&B and healthcare are suffering as operations cannot run normally.

He Can Stay Free – The deputy prime minister (DPM) Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Ibrahim underlined that there is no reason to suspend CID chief Datuk Seri Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd while MACC investigations under way, theSun highlighted.

Meanwhile, the Malay dailies reported on Pakatan Harapan’s GE14 manifesto, an academic questioning the necessity for a new Act on fake news, PTPTN’s new initiative to help 300,000 borrowers secure jobs, a former lecturer accused of being possession of a fake PhD and drug syndicates using a new tactic to lure younger potential drug users.

Umpan Rakyat (Baiting The Rakyat) – As underlined by Utusan Malaysia, Pakatan Harapan, led by DAP, yesterday announced their manifesto for GE14, with majority of their promises deemed difficult to execute. Amongst the promises listed under the manifesto includes abolishing the GST and tolls, maintaining BR1M, affordable housing and allowing borrowers to delay paying PTPTN loans.

Tidak Perlu Akta Baharu (No Need For New Act) – The proposal for a new act that addresses fake news is regarded as unnecessary as the existing act is deemed sufficient to handle the growing incidences of inaccurate news being shared online, Sinar Harian frontpaged.

PTPTN Bantu 300,000 Peminjam Cari Kerja (PTPTN Helps 300,000 Borrowers Find Jobs) – As reported by Berita Harian, the JobMatching PTPTN programme has helped borrowers, who have yet to pay their back their loans, land a job upon completing their tertiary education. This new initiative has helped borrowers to earn an income, experience as well as interest in the field.

Bekas Pensyarah Universiti Didakwa Tipu Ijazah PhD (Former Lecturer Allegedly Faked His PhD)Kosmo! reported that a former USM lecturer was brought to the Georgetown Magistrate court after he allegedly faked his PhD qualification.

Dadah Budak Sekolah (Drug Laced Snacks Targeting School Children) – Police have uncovered a new tactic used by drug syndicates, whereby ecstasy laced with apple and mango flavouring are specially designed to attract the youth, including school kids, Harian Metro frontpaged. During the drug raid on Monday, three suspects were apprehended along with 65 aluminium and plastic packs containing ecstasy and ketamine, worth approximately RM513,330.

- Malaysian Digest