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Mahathir Jokes That Najib Might Do Away With Elections If He Wins. Has He No Shame?

Pic: Berita HarianPic: Berita Harian

Opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan launched its manifesto dubbed "Buku Harapan" (Book of Hope) last night.

Pakatan Harapan Chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was in his element, condemning Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak over what he described as his long list of wrongdoings, interjecting his half hour speech with snide comments and remarks about Najib's leadership of the government.

Rather than focus on what his coalition can offer the rakyat, he continued to heap insults on Najib for the entire duration of his vitriolic speech.

Political analyst Lim Sian See took Mahathir's shameful conduct to task for blatantly deceiving Malaysians without any remorse in a recent Facebook posting.

"Mahathir continues to lie and lie.

"Instead of concentrating on what his Manifesto offers, he proceeds to throw lie after lie," LSS singled out Mahatir's baseless remark in his speech that Najib will do away with elections if given the opportunity.

"We joke a little, but we are in a situation that is worrying," Mahathir qualified his concluding remarks that bordered on the near illogical but somehow the crowd swallowed it all up and cheered along.

Mahathir actually said that Najib may do away with elections since he had suffered eroding support to his coalition  in the past two elections so he may  even amend the country's constitution so that he could rule the country permanently.

Referring to a report on Malaysiakini which highlighted Mahathir's comments that Prime Minister Najib Razak may do away with elections, LSS questioned whether Mahathir was deluding himself.

"Do people really think it is so easy to abolish elections in Malaysia? Firstly the King and Royal Council must agree and even if they did, there will be a gigantic uproar from the tens of millions of Malaysians.

"Is there no end to his continued lies? Has he no shame?" he points out that it is actually Mahathir who is more likely to clamp down on free elections.

LSS said that Mahathir's past conduct speaks for itself as he was the one who put in place the quota and bonus vote system in UMNO elections.

Who ultimately did away with that system?

LSS reminded that it was "Najib who did away with Mahathir's cheating Bonus votes and quota system and increased the number of people qualified to vote in UMNO electiosn from just 2,500 to 146,500 UMNO members", in addition to reforming the system to allow anyone who received a nomination to run for the presidency of UMNO.

"It seems like the older that Mahathir gets, the more desperate he gets and the more he lies.

"Utterly despicable behaviour from someone who said he wants to be PM again," LSS concluded.

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