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[VIDEO] Police Claim Misunderstanding Between Woman In Viral Video, But Here’s What You Need To Know

A woman was disappointed after she received inadequate assistance from the police, in the midst of seeking security and safety at a police station located in Cheras on Monday night (12 March) – while stressing that she felt unsafe living in Malaysia.

In two separate videos that have been circulating on social media since yesterday (13 March), Kogee Sinniah claimed that a group of men in a BMW followed her home, after she picked up her son from a tuition centre.

Kogee conveyed that she drove through a dark area at Alam Damai, and admitted that she may have accidentally entered another driver’s route.

She then realised that the BMW began to tailgate her, winded down the window, and yelled at her as she was driving in a reckless manner.

As the distressed mother was concerned over her safety as well as her son’s, she proceeded to contact the police and relayed her woe, whilst emphasising that she is en route to the police station for help.

In the first footage that span over six minutes, a crying Kogee lamented that the driver of the BMW suddenly blocked her way at the traffic light junction that was located 50 metres away from the Alam Damai police station.

Shocked by the driver's action, she immediately honked the horn, with the hope that someone would come to her assistance as she was near the police station.

"I kept honking for a good five minutes, and signalled for help but nobody came to the rescue,” she stressed.

But as soon as the BMW driver drove off, Kogee promptly drove towards the police station and relayed that the police officers at the station prohibited her from entering the area.

“I could not park my car because there was a cone at the space. When a policeman came up to me, the first thing that he asked was, “were you the one that sounded the horn?”

“So what does this mean? It means that he actually heard that someone was in trouble, and that they needed help – but no one came to check on what had happened.

“The BMW driver could have carried a gun. They could have attacked me. The police were 50 metres away from me,” she conveyed, whilst adding that the police observed her choice of attire.

After Kogee was allegedly denied from entering the premise of the police station, she stated that the group of men – who had harassed her earlier – returned to the police station, to seek clarification on the matter.

She once again stressed that she had dialled 999 to inform the operator that she was not allowed into the police station, in which the officer responded by asking Kogee to speak in a calmer manner.

“When the police officer finally allowed me to enter, I wasn’t sad because I felt weak – but because I needed help,” she confessed.

“I did the right thing. I called the police, I jotted down the vehicles’ plate number, and then I sought for help,” and urged netizens to make her video go viral.

Meanwhile, in a second footage that span over 11 minutes, Kogee once again clarified the situation after she had received a call from a female police officer, who asked her why she did not lodge a report.

“I told her that I didn’t feel safe there, and that I had lost my trust. She then told me that the group of men were following me because I nearly hit their car.

“Is that an offense? No one informed that they could have lodged a police report, instead of following and harassing me,” she expressed in an exasperated manner.

“From the sound of our conversation, I knew that they (the police) have decided that it was my fault.”

It Was A Possible Misunderstanding

After the video racked up over 180k views in less than 48 hours, the Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim conveyed via a statement that a possible misunderstanding had occurred between the attending police officer and the 41-year-old complainant.

"The complainant was dissatisfied with the actions of the police personnel at the Alam Damai police station, who refused to allow the complainant to enter the premise,” he explained.

"During that period, the officer allowed the complainant to enter to the police station and advise her to lodge a police report.”

While the police officers understood that the woman was in distress and attempted to gather more information from her, Mazlan said that the victim had drove out of the compound of the police station as she felt unsafe there.

Acting on the report, Mazlan said that three 18-year-old Chinese men had been detained to assist in on-going investigations and the case is classified under Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation.

Berita Harian reported that Mazlan assures the public that a thorough investigation will be conducted and the authorities will be fair to all parties.

Police Officers Should Have Sound Management In Handling Traumatised Victims

Commenting on the incident, former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Musa Hassan explained that the policemen on duty at the control posts should have known how to calm the woman down as she was evidently traumatised and in a fearful state of mind.

"When she went to the police station and was prohibited from entering the premise, this adds to the trauma. Hence, she was supposed to be comforted first by police officers, and then ushered in peacefully to assist in lodging a report.

"And when the alleged perpetrators returned to the police station, the police officers were supposed to promptly ask the group of men to enter the police station to conduct a thorough inspection on them, so she would feel more secure,” he shared with Malaysian Digest earlier today.

When asked whether the authorities on duty did not take reasonable steps at the time of the incident, Musa said, "The police force are made up of officers who should know how to manage traumatised victims. But perhaps on the night of the incident, there were no properly trained officers on duty.

"We cannot judge this situation as perhaps the policeman on duty at the time was a new member. If so, the officer would have lesser knowledge in following the procedure of managing a traumatised victim. "

Although Musa highlighted that the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), requires police personnel to seek the complainants’ clarification prior permitting them to enter the premise, he points out that the officers should first evaluate the situation.

"If you see the complainant is in such a traumatic state, the policemen should allow her to enter the premise and calm her down.

“The complainant on the other hand should inform the officer that she wishes to lodge a police report in the event she wanted to enter the compound,” he pointed out.

To ensure such cases do not repeat, Musa emphasised that it is important for every policeman to be in charge of the control posts and the complaint counters to help train them in managing traumatised victims.

As for civilians, Musa advised that regardless the situation, it is best to inform the officers on duty that you are in a fearful condition.

- Malaysian Digest