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Fisherman Finds Bag Filled With 54 Amputated Hands, Who Do They Belong To?

A fisherman in Russia had the shock of his life while he was taking a nice stroll alongside a riverbank when he found a bag filled with 54 severed human hands.

According to the Siberian Times, the fisherman initially spotted one single hand, but then discovered that the bag was filled with them.

This led to multiple theories by netizens who said that the severed hands might have been the work of crime organisations such as the mafia or the Yakuza.

But according to local media, the hands were found next to medical bandages and hospital style plastic shoe covers.

This led to theories that the hands were cut off from dead bodies in a medical institution. Newsweek also reports forensic labs sometimes remove hands from the cadavers they are studying to keep fingerprints after destroying the rest of the remains.

“If they had kept the hands together, it’s possible that they discarded them when they no longer needed them.”

The Investigative Committee, which investigates serious crimes in Russia and has finished their investigation on the macabre incident revealed that no foul play took place.

According to them, only the method of disposing the hands were the only problem here.

"The biological objects (hands) found are not of a criminal origin, but were disposed of in a manner not provided for by law," the Committee wrote in a posting on Telegram Messenger.

The Committee also said that they are now carrying out checks and studying all the circumstances surrounding the event.

"Based on the audit results, a legal assessment will be made of the actions of officials of the forensic medical institution in the city of Khabarovsk responsible for the disposal of these biological objects," said the Committee, without sharing further details into the case. 

Despite the Committee’s explanation, some netizens are still not buying it:

"… the biological items (human hands) do not have criminal background… ? So there is nothing criminal in the fact that hands were cut off from dead bodies for the purpose of taking fingerprints?" said one social media user.

"When you buried your friends or relatives, how often did you see that they did not have limbs? Let’s be honest. Why were these limbs amputated and stored in the same place and later utilised in such an odd way," said another.