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Rosmah's Lawyer Lodges Report Over Malicious Slander In YouTube Video

KUALA LUMPUR: A lawyer representing the wife of the prime minister has lodged a report on Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor’s behalf in connection with a YouTube video claiming she had meddled in a failed Felda project.

Lawyer NoorHajran Mohd Noor said she was asked by her client to lodge the report regarding the video which said Rosmah had played a hand in a sturgeon fish farming project by Felda which had ultimately failed.

In a statement, she said she lodged a report at the Sentul police headquarters today.

NoorHajran said the video, uploaded on YouTube on March 7 by a YouTube user whose account name was “Cap Kapak”, was malicious slander.

She said the video showed a

“The video showed the chairman of the Felda Settlers Association and Party Amanah Negara supreme council member Mazlan Aliman publicly accuse my client of being involved in a number of Felda's investment projects designed and implemented by them, including the sturgeon fish farming project,” she said.

NoorHajran said in the video Mazlan had claimed that the information was from an anonymous source, who is allegedly an employee of Felda.

However, she said this was not true.

“This is an irresponsible accusation against my client. It is not only baseless but the accusation hurled at my client is malicious slander made in the absence of any evidence.

“This video uploaded over the Internet has caused netizens to have the wrong impression of my client and subsequently damaged her reputation,” NoorHajran said, adding that the accusation leveled at Rosmah had also put her integrity at stake, among others.

She said, following the report, the matter was now in the hands of police.

“We will leave the matter to the police to conduct an investigation and take appropriate action in accordance with the existing legal provisions,” she said.