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What Are Today's Headlines?

Frontpaged on the English dailies today are the reasons why BN candidates will be named earlier, Hepatitis C drug to be free in government hospitals, government tables supplementary funding for 2017 spending and control on local airfares.

It’s To Prevent Sabotage, Says Zahid – The BN deputy chairman said in previous years, disgruntled individuals had stymied the smooth functioning of the coalition’s election machinery, New Straits Times reports. There will now be more time to address such problems.

Hep C Aid For Free – The Star reports that treatment of Hepatitis C with the drug sofosbuvir is now free for patients at 18 government hospitals. The move will benefit 23,000 Hepatitis C patients currently registered with the Health Ministry, and 400,000 nationwide who have the infection.

RM7b More Needed – The government tabled a supplementary supply bill seeking an additional allocation of RM7.122 billion for 2017 from the Consolidated Fund, according to theSun.

Cap On Local Airfares – MalayMail reports that domestic fares are set to be controlled to reduce the burden on air travellers. The ceiling price plan follows complaints received by the Malaysian Aviation Commission that rates have risen five-fold.

Meanwhile, the Malay dailies focused on the arrest of Guan Eng for showing anti-government video to children, the call for Penang to show proof of helping the Malays, debate over who will be the Selangor mentri besar, criminals committing crimes just a few hours after being released from prison and Malaysian refugees from Syria in Frankfurt.

Guan Eng Disiasat (Guan Eng Investigated) – Police is opening a case file towards Lim Guan Eng regarding him showing anti-government to children, as reported by Utusan Malaysia. Many are blaming the DAP leader for indoctrinating anti-government views towards children.

‘Tunjuk Bukti Bantu Melayu’ (Show Evidence Of Helping The Malays) – DAP is asked to show proof how it is helping the Malays and Bumiputras in all aspects including real estate ownership, according to Berita Harian. Penang PAS has even admitted that the Malays are being left out in the state.

Siapa MB Pilihan (Top Picks For Selangor MB) – A political analyst predicted that either Mat Nadzari Ahmad Dahlan (BN), Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin (PKR) or Sallehan Mukhyi (PAS) could be a possible Selangor chief minister, according to Sinar Harian.

5 Bekas Banduan Ketagih Buat Jahat (5 Ex-Prisoners Addicted To Crime) – Five former prisoners failed to learn their lesson in prison after they robbed an MCA leader in Batang Padang just two hours after they were released from Tapah Prison, Kosmo! reports.

Kerah Kudrat Di Jerman (Working Hard In Germany) – Harian Metro reports that a Malaysian couple is toiling to make ends meet in Frankfurt, Germany to provide for their three children after fleeing wartorn Syria.  Furthermore, one of their children is suffering from spectrum autism (ASD).

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