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[Video] Why Do You Love The World? How People Responded To The Question Has Made This Ad Go Viral

Pic: FacebookPic: Facebook

Looking for something to uplift your spirits midweek? This viral video might just do the trick.

Life has its ups and downs and even some unexpected curve balls that can get you depressed and anxious.

It could be bad traffic or fighting with a loved one, the list goes on but this viral video is a wonderful opportunity to take a moment to reflect on the larger picture.

The new ad by German airline Lufthansa was posted on Facebook last week asking people worldwide the simple question "Why Do You Love The World"?

The ad compiled people's reactions from "Because it is so beautiful" to "There is so much beauty in the world and one lifetime is not enough to see it all".

"I think its important for people to realise they are not alone.

"And we're all part of something that's unique right down to the core," another random comment beautifully sums up the heartwarming message delivered in the video.

Viewers all over the world have responded to the big dose of positivity channeled in the feel good video, sending it viral with 1.2 million views and counting as well as hundreds of shares.

Pic: FacebookPic: Facebook

Check out the video below to see why its putting a smile of people's faces across the world.

- mD