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Don't Involve Education In Politicking, Opposition Told

KUALA LUMPUR: The opposition has been told to avoid involving education in its politicking.

Education Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid said there was no need to involve students and the education system in politics.

He was commenting on Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng who danced while mocking the Goods and Services Tax policy in an A, B, C song parody at a tuition centre in Penang.

The song in the 32-second video which has gone viral included lyrics about 1Malaysia Development Bhd.

It was reported that police were investigating Lim after reports were lodged accusing him of indoctrinating children in hate politics.

“Let him sing the song but my advice to him is don’t bring it to the tuition centre.

“Don’t politicise education. Leave it alone. Don’t sing in front of the children,” said Mahdzir at the launch of the Gerakan Massa Terima Kasih Cikgu ceremony in conjunction with the National Level 2018 Teachers Day celebration here today.

On the Anti Fake News Bill, he said it was about time the country implemented such a law to safeguard peace and harmony among Malaysians.

He said, with the new bill, it was easier to identify fake news.

“If no action is taken there will be more fake news circulating, especially in on social media.”

He was commenting on a report carried by an online portal that Umno veteran leader Tan Sri Rais Yatim had said it was unnecessary to be in such a rush to introduce the bill.

Mahdzir said a politician did not need to think twice about fake news, and that if it was proved to be fake, action must be taken.

“Rais is a linguist... A politician like me does not to think twice about fake news. We understand the definition of fake news,” he added.