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PKR Supporter Accuses The Navy Of Wasting Govt Money, Gets Backlash That You 'Can't Spell #PHitnah Without PH!'

The posting on the Facebook page shows several photographs of a grounded submarine as well as snapshot of a printed poster describing a Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) submarine.

Accompanying the photographs was the comment, "The people's money wasted on this in Melaka ..." which implied that government resources had been used to buy a submarine that serves no purpose.

However the truth came out pretty quickly as RMN responded with a detailed rebuttal posted on the Facebook comments section, pointing out why the accusation was totally inaccurate.

"The submarine on display in the Melaka Museum is a decommissioned Agosta 90 submarine called OUESSANT. It was used by our navy personnel when they were on a training mission in France.

"OUESSANT was gifted by the French government to be used as a museum," RMN explained.

"On the other hand, KD TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN (KD TAR) is a submarine of a different class, the SCORPENE. KD TAR together with KD TUN RAZAK are both currently deployed in the RMN fleet.

"Both submarines have no connnection whatsoever with the one currently on display in Melaka. That exhibit forms part of the historical background of RMN's fleet of submarines.

"We find your actions in spreading lies and misleading your readers most regrettable," the statement from the navy highlighted and reminded the person to not act so irresponsibly.

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"Please do not spread FAKE NEWS as we have our Honour or Maruah! It hurts feelings of many us who has and will continue to sacrifice our time with our families, away from our love ones and even our lives to protect the Nation (rakyat)!" RMN reiterated in its latest rebuttal.

Many netizens apparently agreed, seeing through the ruse immediately and questioned if the misleading posting was intentional.

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One reader commented, "The rakyat's money gone to your head ...this submarine was given free without using government funds" while another offered his take that the person "wants to attack the government but is too lazy to do his research".

Meanwhile another reader points out why an act of parliament was needed to counter this wave of lies from the opposition.

"Caught lying again, just like Pakatan ...the Anti-Fake News Act is right for people like you..."

But perhaps this reader hit the nail on the head with the observation, "You can't spell PHitnah without PH!"

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