LAST_UPDATEMon, 18 Jun 2018 3pm

Foreign Vagrants Converge In KB For Ramadan Begging Season

KOTA BHARU -- It is becoming an annual trend to find the influx of foreign beggars here and other state capitals in the country come Ramadan to take advantage of the people’s sympathy.

An observation around this town found foreign beggars gathered at busy areas such as markets, in front of banks and at Ramadan bazaars.

These professional foreigners will usually arrive one week before Ramadan and some could even afford to pay RM300 to RM450 to rent rooms.

But this social menace is proving to be a seasonal headache for Welfare Department (JKM) personnel here to clean up the town of its beggar image.

Commenting on the matter Kelantan JKM director, Said Sidup said his department was closely monitoring the presence of foreign beggars in the state.

“With the cooperation of several other departments such as Immigration Department, National Registration Department and police, we will be conducting operations soon to combat beggar activities,” he said.