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[WITH PICS] Mat Sabu Leaving For Work While Defence Ministry Staff And Outriders Wait Outside His Terrace House Goes Viral

Amanah President Mohamad Sabu, or affectionally known as Mat Sabu, officially clocked in on his first day as Malaysia’s Defence Minister on Tuesday (May 22, 2018), and professed to being nervous.

“Of course I’m nervous, now [that] I have to follow rules and protocols,” he relayed, as reported by MalaysiaKini.

“I am someone who is so used to being with the people. But I don’t want to change the style of Mohamad Sabu.”

Mat Sabu is evidently walking the talk as photos of the 64-year-old minister recently went viral, which garnered praises and applauses of netizens.

The photos uploaded by Rizal Hakimm on Facebook depicted the newly-installed Defence Minister stepping out of his humble terrace house – with his Perodua Viva and a regular motorcycle parked in his porch – while his assistants, bodyguards and a police escort wait for him outside on the narrow road inside a housing estate.

Naturally, netizens who have developed a soft spot for the lovable minister showed their admiration for his simple and down-to-earth lifestyle:

As politicians and ministers are deemed as government servants entrusted to serve the country and its people, we hope that Mat Sabu’s colleagues and counterparts can follow in his footsteps by staying humble as they progress in their career.

- Malaysian Digest