LAST_UPDATETue, 19 Jun 2018 10pm

Migrant Worker In Sabah Claims Cartoon-Like Drawing Is His MyKad, Judge Sends Him For Mental Health Check- Up

Usually, when someone is suspected of being an illegal immigrant in court, it ends in one of two ways. Either the suspect produces his/her MyKad which will help get the charges dropped, or the suspect fails to produce any document which will prove that he is a valid citizen of Malaysia.

But this time, a court hearing took a bizarre turn when a suspect produced a hand-drawn sketch of a MyKad as evidence.

The incident, which happened yesterday in Kota Kinabalu, clearly annoyed Sessions Court Judge Azreena Aziz when Issam Bakri, 42, produced the stick-like drawing when she asked for his MyKad.

“This is your MyKad?” asked Azreena when she was shown the kindergarten like drawing of a man with spiky hair wearing a shirt surrounded by two scribbled circles, which was supposed to represent the fingerprints on a MyKad.

Issam first pleaded not guilty when he was first charged for not having a valid identification document to stay in Sabah. When his charge was read again yesterday, he maintained that he is not guilty.

Nonchalantly, he claimed that he had a document that will help deny the charge against him, and took the drawing out from his pockets with the permission of the court.

The court’s activity had to be stopped for a while when the prosecuting officer handed the “MyKad” over to Azreena.

Azreena then asked Issam three times if Issam really believed that drawing is his MyKad, to which Issam answered “Yes” three times.

As a result of the act, Azreena ordered Issam to be brought to the Bukit Padang Mesra Hospital, which is a psychiatric institution so that Issam can undergo a mental checkup.