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Amirudin Injects New, Youthful Energy In Leading S'gor - Azmin

KLANG -- The appointment of Amirudin Shari as the new Selangor Menteri Besar  injects young blood to continue the legacy of the state's progress and prosperity, says Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

The former Selangor menteri besar said he believed that with Amirudin’s personality and credibility, the Sungai Tua assemblyman, who was state executive council member for two terms,  would be able to manage the state government well.

"I am convinced (with Amirudin) because I have seen (his capabilities) as state executive council member and as an assemblyman, he has done exceptional service in fulfilling the people’s wishes.

"I am happy and grateful that the process of appointing my successor went well and smooth, and this will ensure the stability of the state," he told reporters after the menteri besar’s oath-taking and appointment ceremony at Istana Alam Shah here, today.

Amirudin, 38, was appointed Selangor Menteri Besar to replace Mohamed Azmin, who was appointed the Minister of Economic Affairs in the Federal Government led by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on May 21.

On criticisms by several quarters over Amirudin’s appointment, claiming he was born in Johor, Mohamed Azmin said the issue should not arise as the Sungai Tua assemblyman had been chosen by the people to represent Selangor.

Mohamed Azmin said Pakatan Harapan had discussed the matter carefully, and reached an agreement that Amirudin was a worthy successor.

"We should give way to Amirudin (as my successor) and give him a chance to become the menteri besar. With the support of all the executive councillors and state assemblymen, I believe he can be a good menteri besar," he said.

On Ijok assemblyman Dr Idris Ahmad’s claim today that he was the only menteri besar candidate who had the majority support of the PH leadership, Mohamed Azmin said: "I'm not going to give any comment, let the party deal with him,” adding he did not want to get caught up in polemics.

On the need for a deputy minister of economic affairs, Mohamed Azmin said he was aware of the wide scope of his portfolio.

However, any further appointments would be decided by the prime minister, he added.