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[Video] Spain Won Against Iran, But It’s Isco And Pique’s Stint In Saving A Bird On Pitch That Made The Headlines

Anyone who has played football will tell you that it’s not easy. The sheer trouble of controlling the ball with your feet, looking up to find your best passing option, running around the whole field to keep the play moving, everything combines to make for a very demanding sport.

And of course, the intensity of the game multiplies a thousand fold when you’re playing on the biggest stage the game has to offer, the FIFA World Cup.

Which makes it amazing that two Spanish superstars took some time from the match to save a bird from getting squashed on the pitch at Kazan Arena.

Putting their footballer’s boots aside for a moment, Isco and Gerard Pique, saved a bird during their Group B matchup against Iran.

The bird was first noticed by Isco during the match, and the in fear of the bird getting crushed by a pair of boots, the Real Madrid midfielder was seen chasing the bird, scooping it up gently in his palms as he laid it on the sidelines.

The bird must have been oblivious to the danger Isco was saving it from, as it somehow managed to find its way back on the field. That was when Barcelona defender Gerard Pique came to the rescue.

Pique showed his rarely seen animal whisperer side as he scooped up the bird, and gently coaxed the bird to take flight to its safety.

A video recording of the two Spanish star’s heroic action quickly went viral, with it being one of the biggest talking points of the match.

After helping the bird, Isco and Pique then focused their attentions to the match and were able to help Spain win 1-0.