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Papa Gomo's Video: Anwar Is Naturally 'Warm and Friendly', Says Rafizi

A screenshot of the video that was posted on YouTube by blogger Papa Gomo on ThursdayA screenshot of the video that was posted on YouTube by blogger Papa Gomo on ThursdayPETALING JAYA: PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli describes Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim someone who is 'warm and friendly' with everyone.

Rafizi admitted to having viewed a video that was uploaded on the blog Papa Gomo yesterday, which showed a man who closely resembled Anwar talking to an unseen individual.

"I have seen the video…it is speculative and ill-intended, and it doesn't prove any wrongdoing by anyone.

"All these are mere assumptions. He (Anwar) is a warm and friendly person. Anyone can just talk to him," he told reporters at the PKR headquarters here today.

Rafizi was asked to comment on the video expose that allegedly implicated Anwar in an apparent sex scandal with an undergraduate from Sabah.

Rafizi claimed that the person behind the Papa Gomo blog, Wan Muhamad Azri Wan Deris, is a phantom voter. He said PKR had conducted its own investigation to determine the individual behind the blog.

"Our investigation revealed that this individual, Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, is a former traffic police corporal who was sentenced to jail after he was found guilty of threatening an alleged drug addict for bribery.

"Our checks (by using the police identification number) revealed a shocking find – although Pap Gomo is no longer with the police force due to his case, he is still listed as a postal voter attached with the Ampang police headquarters," he said.

Rafizi said PKR's checks on Papa Gomo's voter registration revealed that he was also listed as a normal voter under the same system.

"As predicted, Papa Gomo was also listed as a normal voter in the Wangsa Maju constituency."

Rafizi claimed he had black and white proof that Papa Gomo had used the two different addresses in official legal documents.

"This find proves that phantom voters do exist in the voter registration…Papa Gomo is allowed to vote twice.

"The presence of such phantom voters needs to be explained by the Election Commission (EC) because the rakyat want to know how many more of such Umno 'soldiers' like him have multiple registration in the electoral roll," he said.

Meanwhile, in an immediate response, Wan Muhammad Azri considered the 'overlapping' data in the voter registration system was an error on the EC's end.

"It's an error by the EC…a person can only vote once.

"Previously, I was a registered voter in Ampang. Now, I vote in Wangsa Maju. So, I am a Wangsa Maju voter," he explained.

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