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Muhyiddin: BN’s Best To Contest In Polls

MARANG: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has evaluated and chosen the best from many potential candidates for the Barisan Nasional in the upcoming general election, his deputy said.

“Give your 100% support to whoever is chosen in the end,” Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin urged all party members yesterday.

He advised them to stay away from internal conflicts and reminded them that “even the tiniest sign of conflict” can affect the coalition's credibility.

The Deputy Prime Minister said this when launching the Barisan's Blue Wave campaign at a 1Malaysia gathering at Rhu Rendang, the bastion of PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, here yesterday.

Muhyiddin, who is Barisan deputy chairman said: “As we draw closer to the 13th general election which is merely days away there are several things we must bear in mind.”

Firstly, he said, it was important not to stir issues or conflicts that make it appear there are cracks in the party.

“The voters will think, If you cannot even solve your own problems, how can I trust you to solve mine?'

“So, put aside all conflicts. Do not create new problems,” Muhyiddin said.

He encouraged Barisan campaigners to give the voters the royal treatment when they go to the ground.

“Try to meet every single voter out there and listen to them.

“Remember, the voter is king' and will decide if we win or lose,” he said, urging the electorate to give the Marang parliamentary and Rhu Rendang state seats both currently held by Abdul Hadi to the Barisan.

Taking a swipe at the PAS president, who was a one-term mentri besar in Terengganu from 1995, Muhyiddin said the Barisan had done much more for the state than Abdul Hadi during that period.

Muhyiddin performed his Friday prayers at a village mosque in Kampung Petai Bubus, where he addressed another crowd and announced projects worth RM1.5mil for the Kuala Nerus parliamentary constituency.

The funds include RM160,000 to upgrade the Kampung Petai Bubus mosque.

By Joseph Kaos Jr / The Star