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Nazmi Faiz: Wonderkid Or Blunderkid?

After leaving Portugal, it is very unlikely that Nazmi Faiz would get a similar opportunity like that again.After leaving Portugal, it is very unlikely that Nazmi Faiz would get a similar opportunity like that again.NAZMI FAIZ MANSOR can't complain much when Malaysians came hard on him over his abrupt departure from Portugal Primeira Liga club Beira-Mar after the club agreed to release him last week.

The 18-year-old highly-talented midfielder, graduated from Harimau B and A squads, signed up with the club last May on a three-year contract.

This was after his some impressive displays during trials.

In doing so, Nazmi Faiz became the first Malaysian to have signed up with a team playing in an elite division in Europe.

It was not a second tier or third – as several had done before like Akmal Rizal Rakhli and Lim Teong Kim to name a couple.

Akmal signed up with French club RC Strasbourg in 1999. The following year, he was sent on loan to FCSK Haguenau before returning home in 2000.

Teong Kim was with the then Division Three German outfit Hertha Berlin in 1987.

However, credit to Teong Kim as he is now the assistant coach for the Bayern Munich Under-19 side.

Teong Kim has made a name with that great German club and Malaysians are proud of this former international, really.

Now back to Nazmi Faiz.

Malaysians were naturally excited on his feat of landing a contract with Beira-Mar. All were behind him and wished him the best.

Never mind the fact that the club have been struggling. In fact, they are now third from bottom in the 16-team Primeira Liga

Finally, Malaysia seemed to have produced someone who the country could be proud of – playing in the elite division in Europe and in this case Portugal.

This is the country which has produced greats like Eusebio, Luis Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo among others.

For that matter, Eusebio or The Black Panther, played for Beira-Mar in 1976.

What more Nazmi Faiz was still young and had time with him. Understandably, because of his age, he was training and playing matches with the youth team after signing with the club.

And he did rather well as he made assists and scored goals in matches. Encouraging, indeed.

Things were going smoothly for our 'wonderkid'.

He had every chance to make the senior squad sooner or later – and got the chance to play against teams like Porto, Benfica and Sporting Lisbon - if Beira-Mar survived their relegation battle.


All these dreams, sadly, evaporated just like that when Nazmi Faiz decided to end his contract with Beira-Mar on 'mutual agreement or understanding'... whatever you want to call it.

Nazmi Faiz, in no time, signed a three-year contract with PKNS to see action in the M-League!

The skilful midfielder explained he chose PKNS, among other things, was that he liked their playing style.


With due respect, his return to Malaysia is a five-step backward in his bid to be better, for obvious reasons.

There are many kids out there who would love to have the kind of opportunity which Nazmi Faiz had but they do not possess talents that was gifted to him.

It's sheer waste on Nazmi Faiz's part that he left Portugal. And he is not going to get another chance like this.

How could he simply throw away this chance? That made many Malaysians angry and frustrated.

Of course, he can easily be a star in the M-League with the talents he possess because of the playing standard. So it's no big deal.

Nazmi Faiz or his agent Marco Guimaraes did not really reveal the reasons behind his departure from Beira-Mar as well when asked at the Press conference by PKNS announcing the signing of the player.

Why so secretive? Now there are many speculations flying around.

Was he not good enough to be at Beira-Mar?

That should not be the case as the club would not have signed him in the first place. Then he was impressive in matches (highlights on YouTube).

The club having problems? Which club do not, especially during these hard times?

Not strong mentally to survive in Portugal? Not willing to make sacrifices? Maybe.

Impatient in his bid to make the grade? Another maybe.

Disciplinary problems? Maybe, as well.

(Just before the news of his departure from Beira-Mar, it was reported he tweeted something nasty to another player about a girl).

It is his right but then at this young age, Nazmi Faiz should have focused more on his football. He has more time for that just a bit later.

These are among the speculations arise as the reasons why Nazmi Faiz decided to leave Beira-Mar.

To clear the air, Nazmi Faiz should reveal  all once and for all.

If not, more and more speculations will surface.

Let's look at the arguably the most successful South East Asian player who plied his trade in Europe in Singapore legend Fandi Ahmad, now 50 and head coach of Johor Darul Takzim.

The skilful Fandi could play either as a striker or an attacking midfielder.

In 1981, he received offers from Ajax Amsterdam (Holland), Young Boys (Switzerland) and Niac Mitra (Indonesia).

Fandi, after trials with Ajax, was offered a three-year contract but shockingly he turned it down and instead signed up with Niac Mitra.

According to reports, Fandi regretted this decision of turning down Ajax. He knew he had missed that glorious chance of playing with one of the biggest clubs in Europe.

However, the following year, he went back to Holland and signed up a two-year contract with FC Groningen, who played in the Eredivisie (First Division).

And he was one of the stars for the club who finished fifth at the end of the season with Fandi scoring 10 goals from 29 matches.

Fandi also played in the Uefa Cup (now Europa League) against Inter Milan in the second round.

He scored the second goal in the 2-0 win in the first leg. However, Inter won 5-1 in the return leg.

Fandi was voted as most popular and skilful player by Groningen that season.

He did not fare well in the second season because of injuries and return home to Singapore after that.

He then joined Kuala Lumpur in 1987 and the rest is history.

Singapore are obviously proud of him.

Malaysia? We have to wait and wait.

- mD

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