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Malaysian 'Sex Blog' Couple Is Back, This Time On YouTube

SEX 101: Screenshot of the video uploaded on YouTube, whereby Tan (right) and Lee act as the hosts of their very own 'sex show'. Pic: YouTubeSEX 101: Screenshot of the video uploaded on YouTube, whereby Tan (right) and Lee act as the hosts of their very own 'sex show'. Pic: YouTubeKUALA LUMPUR: The 'sex blog' couple is back!

Months after they made headlines with their raunchy blog, Malaysian couple Alvin Tan, 24, and Vivian Lee, 23, have made a return to the Internet, in the form of a brand new YouTube channel where they discuss the subject of – what else – sex.

Identifying themselves as 'sex experts', the couple have uploaded six videos on their ‘Sexcussion Alvivi’ channel to date, which feature them hosting a 'talk show' format program.

Their show features the couple giving their viewers sex tips as well as pointers on how to 'score' with the opposite sex.

Tan and Lee also take their camera to the streets and interview strangers on sexual preferences.

In their latest post, the couple offer tips on how to get the opposite sex into bed. Both couple are in bed, with Tan shirtless and Lee only appearing to wear a bra underneath the covers.

Their tips include "approach more girls – the more girls you approach, the more girls you'll have sex with"; "date only to have sex"; "do some body contact – accidentally brush your boobs against him"; and "don't be ugly if you want to get laid".
Screenshot of some of Tan's tips on how to get laid.Screenshot of some of Tan's tips on how to get laid.
However, unlike their previous sex blog, which received widespread condemnation from members of the public, the response to the couple's venture have been generally positive.

Some commenters on the channel laud Tan as an "idol" and a "pro", with one even requesting that the duo make more sex videos.

Their Facebook account is also filled with messages of support from over 1,400 fans.

The couple also invited their fans to subscribe to their YouTube channel, which promises viewers "awesome episodes filmed", which were recorded both outdoors and indoors and would be "educational".

The duo also claimed that some videos would involve special guest, games, pranks and many more surprises.

In October 2012, Tan and Lee came under intense public scrutiny when their sex blog, 'Sumptuous Erotica' went viral.

The blog had featured photos of the couple having sex, as well as similar videos.

This landed Tan, an Asean scholar at the National University of Singapore (NUS), in trouble with the university and he subsequently had his scholarship revoked.

The scandal caught the attention of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission’s (MCMC) as well as the Education Ministry.

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