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Dad Makes Daughter His Sex Slave and Sells Video Clip to Friends

altKANGAR: A 13-year-old girl from Utan Aji, here, endured unspeakable horror when she was made into a ‘sex slave’ by her own father, who then sold the video clip of the despicable acts to his friends. 
Apart from molesting her numerous times, the 46-year-old man also forced her to insert a carrot into her private part. 
The man, who works as a lorry driver, forced his daughter to record the acts and in turn, sold the video clips to his friends, Harian Metro reported. 
A source claimed that the girl, who is the youngest of four, has endured the horror for about a year, since she was 12-years-old. 
The heinous acts were committed in the family home when the mother is away. It is learnt that if the girl refused to carry out her father’s bidding, she was severely beaten. 
“The suspect did not rape the victim, but he always told her to strip naked and grope her. 
“Over time, his acts became more brazen, to the point where he forced her to insert a carrot into her private part and forced her to record the act. 
“Apart from being for his personal collection, her father also sold the clips to his friends,” said the source. 
It is learnt that the latest molest incident occurred on Monday. Meanwhile, Kangar district police chief Superintendent Abdul Rahman Mohd Noordin said his department has received a report on the incident. 
The girl’s mother lodged a report at the Kangar police headquarters at 10am on Tuesday. 
He said the girl’s mother lodged a report after her husband had once again molested the girl on Monday, and the daughter eventually told her about it. 
“In the latest incident, the girl told her mother that she was forced to strip naked by the father in their own living room,” he said. 
Abdul Rahman said, based on the report received, the man was remanded on the same day to facilitate investigation into the molest case, probed under Section 354 of the Penal Code.

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